Recipe Planning

Meal planning? Nah…

It’s all about cooking more!! I started recipe planning in mid-2020. My 5 key steps are:

  1. Consult recipe book you trust
  2. Pick X recipes for the week 😪#decisions
  3. Mark missing ingredients & quantities for shop
  4. STUFF the fridge
  5. Cook Incessantly … ENJOY! …

P.s. Organising the list by the store sections & your route through the shop 🤓, really helps as well 😎

As I continue to recipe plan in 2021, I’ve realised that some weeks, my recipe selection is the equivalent of going to the restaurant and wanting/trying to order everything! This has mostly applied to indian recipes, where I’ve tried to make multiple dishes for each meal, for however many meals I envision having that week (a VERY large number apparently). Check out Zaika: Vegan Recipes from India, I’m currently cooking up a storm from this lovely book, with spices going everywhere! It’s pretty cool to be cooking stuff that I’ve never tried before, makes you wonder what it’s supposed to taste like/if the consistency is right? 🤪

-- November 23, 2020