Everything ends, the thing that stays with you the longest? …life.
Love life.

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Sichuan Pepper

Ever since I had fresh sichuan peppercorns in China, I’ve found the tingly sensation and mouth numbness pretty awesome.

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My springs

"How did you transition out of literally wanting days to end to looking forward to the next day?"
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Mindful Eating

Do you sometimes/often find that you’ve finished a meal and can’t really remember having it? And the solution always seems to enjoy some more food?

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What, How, Why?

A colleague, trained as a life coach, introduced this method as a way to re-focus your personal goals.

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“It’s the days that you can’t love yourself, that you look desperately for love from others”
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2 week challenges

As a lover of variety & low expectations, I started trying new things from one day to the next. ‘2-week challenges’? Not really no, I would just start doing something with regularity, and if it stuck after a 2-week period, it stuck.. otherwise onwards! & potentially back round!

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Learning languages - a short story

Despite being 100% Italian, mastering Italian as a second language always seemed impossible. The Italian teaching style in my school was also much stricter. Clearly having fun was conducive to learning:

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12 Days of Gratitude

At the end of 2020, I wanted to practice gratitude and re-value all that 2020 had brought. While resisting a lot of the dialogue I was seeing -> that 2021 would be “better”.

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Sometimes it feels that when you go too hard in some parts of your life, you might end up slacking in others.

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High Low!

I love that sometimes our brains just spell things differently. Say replacing words with their homophones.

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So what am I doing here?

Trying out some writing!

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