12 Days of Gratitude

At the end of 2020, I wanted to practice gratitude and re-value all that 2020 had brought. While resisting a lot of the dialogue I was seeing -> that 2021 would be “better”.

-> Appreciate 12 things I was grateful for in 2020.

-> Piggybacking onto the 12 days of Christmas, which run from the 25th of December to the 5th of January. (Who would have known? No, seriously, I had never considered; the song had always been hefty enough… no, I didn’t even think to make it singsongy 😅nor did I count things. Gratitude is best non-numeric). -> Identifying the 12 topics, cleansing the thousands of pictures I had taken in 2020 and posting 12 posts on Instagram one on each day of Christmas.

-> Reflect on 2020.
-> Turning away from demanding from the future (resolutions) to sealing the past (gratitude), and readying for life in the present.
-> Gratitude to counter indignation.
-> Cleanse my photo library. (>10,000 in 2020 🥲)
-> Post something on Insta for a change!
-> Set a yearly habit?

My 12 days of gratitude:

  1. Grateful to be home for Christmas
  2. Grateful for quarantining with my flatmates
  3. Grateful for time spent with friends
  4. Grateful for books & all the wonderful places you can lose yourself in them
  5. Grateful for wondrous places at our doorsteps
  6. Grateful for new friendships
  7. Grateful for Time
  8. Grateful for Cooking
  9. Grateful for living in the same city as my brother
  10. Grateful for Running
  11. Grateful to have frequented a local forest
  12. Grateful for Chaos (& the weather for bringing us different days to live)

What are you grateful for?

-- February 4, 2021