2 week challenges

As a lover of variety & low expectations, I started trying new things from one day to the next. ‘2-week challenges’? Not really no, I would just start doing something with regularity, and if it stuck after a 2-week period, it stuck.. otherwise onwards! & potentially back round!

As someone who’s always jumped onto Duolingo, Memrise & Hello Chinese streaks, committing to something for a while has never been too diffcult.

Making something a habitual practice has felt like a whole different story..

On the one side there are things that you can commit to for life:

  • sustainability
  • veganism
  • positivity
  • love
  • barefoot shoes
  • nasal breathing

On the other side there are things you feel the need to work on regularly, so as to convince yourself you’re getting somewhere:

  • health & exercise
  • studies & hobbies
  • productivity

My recent 2 week adventures? Well this blogging here, we’re on week 3 day 2 :p The last 2 weeks of running in the snow. And day 17 on Yoga with Adrienne’s “BREATH - A 30 day Yoga Journey”.

Adrienne calls her 30 days of Yoga, a ‘journey’, I like that. Enjoy the journey of your life, whether you have some regularity or variety. If you enjoy the present, chances are you’ll be back again. ;)

-- February 15, 2021