"You're the least legit person I know"

An ex-flatmate has admitted to me.

Ignoring the minor fact that I’m still quite unsure how to pronounce legit. What does being leg$t mean anyway? Maybe:

‘Doing what you say you will do (or what you expect people expect from you & more?)’*

  1. say less, do more
  2. avoid excuses
  3. don’t raise false expectations

I’ve always had so many different ‘growth’ areas planned** 🤤, that I’ve found it hard to keep on track #LegitWannabe

I’ve been living more closely with my dreams in the day to day***. And more importantly I’ve learnt to set myself fewer expectations.

And finally, no need to appear LEGIT anyway, other people’s expectations (or what we think people’s expectations are) need not weigh us down.

*I can talk about doing. And do without thinking… in this high-speed, always on world, what’s next?

**I shan’t say anything here that I won’t do… shhhhhh

***In 2020, I unknowingly, started a few 2-week ‘challenges’ and these helped me get out of the shoulda-woulda-coulda and try new things!

-- February 14, 2021