Everything ends, the thing that stays with you the longest? …life.
Love life.

  • give your thoughts time, don’t just categorise them or leave them unthought
  • walk and let things be thought over
  • ground yourself in your surroundings
  • read mindfully; read; think; connect; process; absorb
  • make use of downtime, to let your mind free
  • if you’re having trouble sleeping, try to avoid thinking in bed
  • don’t set yourself do-or-dies, go easy
  • no expectations for anything/anyone
  • don’t make non-essentials, essential.
  • take one thought at the time, silo them, notice the patterns
  • avoid multitasking, your heart is strongest when focusing on one thing
  • marvel at change and its opportunities
  • see things from both sides, settle with the better
  • live your story but enjoy others
  • don’t just do things for a reason, live them
  • don’t just share everything, allow yourself the thinking time.

Your life is your thoughts: the past, the present, and the future, all coming together in the present moment.

-- March 7, 2021