Pockets of Magic

Magic is all around

March 2021

biting into an apple, and feeling a rush of flavor with a crunch

walking towards a road works with a trench rammer in operation. While walking past, I catch a construction worker grinning at me. A few steps later I turn my head: the construction worker has stopped what he was doing and is approaching the trench rammer. He climbs on and his friend operates it, his whole body is vibrating and he’s beaming at me with impish glee 🤣

sitting on the pond edge looking at the wriggling pond plankton, enjoying the sun. Marvelling at the swan crossing the pond towards me, and curiously waiting within biting distance.

February 2021

cashier slowly rolling orange after orange down to me with a smile in her eyes.

old man stopping a kids rolling skateboard with his umbrella and looking up to smile at him

man pulling his skateboarding kids, hooked onto his elbows, along

tall coniferous tree releasing bits of their pinecones in the wind, fluttering down in Greenwich’s flowering garden

Sitting in the sun with wind cover on a windy day above greenwich park.

-- March 3, 2021