What, How, Why?

A colleague, trained as a life coach, introduced this method as a way to re-focus your personal goals.

The WHAT might be a goal:            I’m going to learn to fly
The HOW might be the method(s):   um.. fluid dynamics?
The WHY might be:                      I believe I can fly, duh!

Your WHY keeps you persistent, engaged, coming back. Your HOW is all the weird-ass things you’re going to try and try again. And the WHAT is just a promise waiting to be fulfilled.


You’ll need a good WHY* where you’re heading. ;)

In the Rules of Thinking by Richard Templar, in Rule 88, he says “Look for the bigger picture in everything you do”. It can help with acceptance :)

Similarly what is your bigger picture?

*And that kids is the story of why I never learned the guitar.

-- February 25, 2021